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Hello! My name is Pedro Zufiria, and I am an NYU student at Abu Dhabi. This semester I took a class called Comm Lab (more info here) where I explored different mediums to create interactive experiences in the web.
Throughout the semester I completed 5 projects in collaboration with my awesome classmates. Please feel free to take a look at these projects by clicking on the objects in the image above, or by referring to the dropdown menu at the top-left corner of the page.
The first project was oriented towards web development and storytelling. The second project is a sound piece that includes some visuals and interactivity through the web. The third project is an interactive comic that focuses on the visuals and storytelling. The fourth project is a video composition meant to be explored through the web. Finally, the fifth project is a stop-motion clip. In addition to this, I also included an in-class project to create an animation using the adobe software.
If you are still curious about specific details of any of the projects, please feel free to reach to me through my email address: